Orchestrating The Immune System

Mozart is developing CD8 Treg cell modulators for the treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

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Katie Fanning

President & Chief Executive Officer

Kristine Swiderek PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Courtney Crane PhD

Vice President Discovery & Translational Science

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Mark Davis PhD

Scientific Co-Founder

K. Christopher Garcia PhD

Scientific Co-Founder

Calvin Kuo MD PhD

Scientific Co-Founder

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Our Science

Building on seminal work of its scientific founders, Mozart Therapeutics is capitalizing on a novel CD8 T regulatory cell network to develop innovative disease-modifying therapies for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

Our advancing pipeline of first-in-class ‘CD8 Treg cell modulators’ are designed to restore durable immune balance and avert the progressive damage caused by pathogenic immune responses.

To date, we’ve demonstrated that CD8 T regulatory cells are selective and function specifically to eliminate pathogenic CD4 T cells and other pathogenic immune cells. The dysregulation of this T cell network is a root cause for the onset and severity of autoimmune and inflammatory disease and pathology.

Our targeted CD8 Treg cell modulators work to counteract the pro-inflammatory autoimmune response cascade in order to delay onset, reduce severity, and potentially reverse the course of disease.


CD8 T regulatory cells play a key role in selectively regulating auto-reactive and pathogenic CD4 T cells and other immune cells. In autoimmune disorders, this network is dysregulated, causing a downstream cascade of inflammatory events that result in tissue destruction.

Our Approach

We are targeting the CD8 T regulatory cell network to counteract early events in the inflammatory cascade. Therapeutic modulation of the CD8 T regulatory cell network is designed to restore CD8 T regulatory cell functions to suppress and eliminate pathogenic immune cells, providing durable control of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.


We are building a robust pipeline of disease-modifying therapies that modulate the CD8 T regulatory cell network to target a root cause for a wide range of diseases. Our lead program is a first-in-class therapeutic candidate for the treatment of celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disease and other autoimmune diseases.



At Mozart Therapeutics, we are working in concert to discover, develop and commercialize breakthrough treatments to positively impact the lives of patients with autoimmune or inflammatory disease. If you are interested in being a part of our dedicated team, we would like to hear from you!

To be considered for a position at Mozart Therapeutics, please submit your resume and cover letter to careers@mozart-tx.com.

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